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Travel, at its roots, is about exploration ... It's about going into the parts or zones unknown (both in the world and within ourselves) to learn things about other people and places and cultures and ourselves ... It’s about being inspired by nature and challenged by new ideas and perspectives and beliefs and ways of seeing and doing things ... It's about hearing untold stories and discovering histories and ancient (and often universal) wisdom and myths.

At Explorer X, we handcraft deeper, culturally authentic, and truly immersive travel experiences that focus as much on WHY and HOW we travel as they do on WHERE and WHAT. We support our travelers in "traveling with their lights on" and using those experiences to transform their lives AND the lives of those they meet along and the way. Our mission? To change the world, one traveler at a time.
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Explorer X

We believe having a diverse array of experiences creates a more comprehensive picture of a place. We incorporate natural, cultural, active, and wellness elements into each tour we create for you.

Custom Crafted


We all see the world in different ways and process our experiences through a distinct lens. Our trips are as unique as you – crafted to invoke your sense of wonder and designed to push you just enough to send you home with a story.

We connect you with the best local experiences & accommodations and handle all the logistics so that you can focus on getting the most out of your adventure.

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Our Process

Every journey begins with a few key questions: Why do you want to travel? How are you going to travel -- What mindset are you going to bring to your adventures? What do you hope to get out of your adventure? And how can we plan a trip that will help you attain your goals?

From there, we'll match our firsthand experiences and accumulated travel wisdom with your travel style, interests, and intentions to create your ideal trip. Once it's time to embark, we'll send you equipped with a detailed itinerary, our Hero's Journal, and a set of personalized "calls to adventures" to help you discover your destination and reflect on your experiences.


Hand-Crafted Sample Itineraries

Adventure Travel Art & Architecture Beach & Sun Food & Wine Luxury Hotels Sports & Outdoors

20-Day Australia’s Outback Up-Close

The 20-Day Australia’s Outback Up-Close tour is an exploration of Australia’s isolated corners. Defined as the remote, rural regions of the country, the Australian Outback spans from the earthy red deserts of the Red Center to the winding waterways... Read More
Adventure Travel History & Culture Safari Sports & Outdoors

12-Day Zimbabwe: Life in the Bush

This signature transformational journey is an immersion into the communities and conservation of Zimbabwe’s National Parks. Begin your trip at the thundering Victoria Falls, where you’ll learn about the black eagles that soar over the deep Batoka Gorge, and... Read More
Adventure Travel Food & Wine History & Culture Sports & Outdoors

14-Day Best of the Pacific Northwest

Discover the best of the Pacific Northwest on this two-week itinerary of buzzing cities, rugged beaches, tranquil vineyards, and wild national parks. Start in Seattle, where you can grab a cup of java and go from the top of... Read More


Live adventurously with a journey into the unknown, the mystery destination, your ultimate answer to the sacred call of adventure!