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The Call to Adventure

$0 That's right, free, nodda, zilch, gratis, comp!
  • This free, in-depth discovery call is designed for us to get to know another better and begin to answer questions like: What is Transformational Travel? and Why Explorer X? Our focus will be on WHY and HOW we travel, rather than on WHERE and WHAT you do there. You'll walk away with:
  • A better understanding of who Explorer X is and how (and why) we do what we do
  • Inspiration to want to go on a life-changing adventure of your own
  • Increased destination knowledge
  • Afterward, we'll send you a follow-up email recapping our chat and making some high-level recommendations and trip ideas.

The EXPLORER Package

$500 Can be stand-alone package OR combined with any of the other packages
  • This introductory package gives you the keys you need to design your very own life-changing adventure. As part of this package, you will receive:
  • Personalized Trip Recommendations
  • A Follow-Up Q&A Session (30 minutes)
  • A Travel Like a HERO Call (45 minutes)
  • The Wayfinder: Resources, Inspiration, Recommendations
  • Copy of The HERO’s Journal
  • Surprise Gifts!
  • What NOT to Expect:
  • Explorer X does not handle the booking of the trip

The HERO Package

$1500 Must be combined w/ Explorer Package = $2000 total; not stand-alone
  • Throughout the trip design process, you’ll actively collaborate with your Travel Mentor in architecting the perfect trip for you. Through face-to-face meetings, calls, emails, and video conferences, you and your Mentor will craft an adventure that will change your life forever!
  • Collaborative Itinerary Design
  • Explorer X will book all elements of the trip: Flights, hotels, transfers, transportation, experiences, and more!
  • Access to special X rates, discounts, people, and experiences
  • What NOT to Expect:
  • Stress of researching and booking your own trip!

The SEEKER Package

$500 Can be stand-alone package; Save $150 if combined w/ Explorer Package!
  • Before you depart, you will work with your Mentor as you explore what called you to this adventure and what you hope to get out of your trip. You'll also discuss tips and strategies for making the most of your time on the road. When you return from your trip, you'll share your experiences, stories, and lessons learned with your coach. You'll also create a strategic action plan for applying everything you learned from your trip to transforming your life!
  • Pre-Trip Call w/ a Mentor (60 mins)
  • A Travel Like a HERO Call (45 mins)
  • On-Journey Support from your Mentor (Email, phone, Skype)
  • Post-Trip Call with a Mentor (60 mins)