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A Journey into the unknown — The ultimate answer to your Call to Adventure!




  • ... You don’t have time to plan the trip yourself
  • ... You feel the element of surprise is lacking in travel
  • ... You hate the idea of off-the-shelf or packaged tours
  • ... You want to be a traveler, not a tourist

Introducing an exciting new way to travel and explore the world: Project X.

How a Project X Trip is Different

With a Project X trip, the destination and details of the trip will be entirely unknown to you ... until you travel!

Your trip will be carefully selected based on in-depth personal conversations where you’re encouraged to be vulnerable, let us know why you want to travel and share what you’re truly seeking out of the experience of travel.

If you choose to accept this mission, we’ll ask for your active participation and we will share our accumulated wisdom and deep appreciation for real, wide-open, travel, where you don’t know what lies ahead. By not being privy to the destination we select until you arrive at the airport the suspense draws out the dormant explorer inside of you, forcing you to set intentions, be mindful and be prepared for everything. Our hope is that by releasing the expectations of place, you’re able to take the journey within, harken back to the roots of travel, slow down, engage more fully, open up for unplanned exploration and recalibrate your inner compass.

Project X gives the traveler the rare opportunity to reignite the fire that burns in our bellies and discover the treasures within that you may have lost the map for or flat out didn’t know existed.

To help guide and support you in your journey you’ll be given a Hero’s Journal: A Seekers Guide to Travel, where you’ll be given inspiration, challenges, prompts and blank space meant to bring forth the inner traveler, immerse you deeper into your journey where you can reconnect with self, and connect with the sense of place like never before. Ultimately, we’re asking you to be brave, look at travel from the inside/out, and Travel Like A HERO, with Heart, fully Engaged, with Resolve, and wide Open to the unknown within every journey.

If you’re ready to step into the unknown, please contact us and we’ll take the first few steps together…

How Project X Works

It Starts With a Chat

Just a simple chat on the phone to discuss budget and destination options. Click the gold button below to set up a convenient time for us to speak.

We Get to Work

We’ll pool our resources, reach out to our contacts and tap into our own knowledge and experience. Then we’ll select the best options that will surprise and enlighten you.

You Enjoy the Uknown

You’re off to have the time of your life, knowing that we’re here if you need us. Enjoy yourself … and send us some pictures from the road!

Woman Mountain Hut

Surprise Experiences

Finding the right trip for you is the most important part of this process. We listen carefully to your needs and tap our close friendships with the best hotels, local guides, tour companies and experience providers around the world allow us to create a life-changing surprise experience planned just for you.

Is a Project X Trip For Me?

We may not be right for everyone.
But if these are important to you, then we’re the right choice.

  • Personalized Service: We make sure we understand you before we surprise you.
  • Flexible & Customizable: Our clients are never herded around like cattle. Your trip will be a special experience.
  • Travel Expertise: Over 10% of our working hours are dedicated to product training, we attend global travel conferences every year in places like Marrakesh, Cape Town, Cannes and Las Vegas, and we’re travel addicts ourselves.
  • Local Knowledge: We have the personal contact details for over 1280 of the world’s best local travel suppliers, which means your trip will be planned with the most up-to-date, localized knowledge.
We're experts. We make surprise experiences positive experiences.


Our immersive experiences have been recognized by National Geographic Traveler, CNN.com, Forbes, HuffingtonPost, Vogue, JetSetter, and more. But what we love to hear the most is the passionate feedback of our guests!

Frank I. Botswana Safarai

Thank you for putting together a well-planned adventure that took us from the deep bush slowly back into civilization. Within an hour of arriving from Johannesburg we grabbed lunch and went off on our first safari. Down the river by boat and within minutes we were among zebras, elephants, and two young lions - one who chased our car and the other chomping on a zebra. At night time, the generators were turned off and there were African wildlife noises all around. Very authentic first impression!

Frank I. - Botswana Safari
Mary Anne Lepore at Crater Lake National Park

I like traveling with Evergreen because all I need to do is tell them what parks I want to see on a particular trip and they do all the rest. All I need to do is show up! Also, their guides have all been fantastic! They are not only very knowledgeable, they are great people! They have made each trip very special.

Mary Anne L., Six U.S. National Parks Trips
Tim and Chris at Arkaba Station in Australia

All of the tours and travel within Australia were fantastic. The accommodations were spectacular - the best! Arkaba Station was our favorite, we never thought we would have that type of experience. Who would have thought that an old Australian sheep farm would be that amazing?!!

Tim J. & Chris G. - Australia

How much do the trips cost?

It all depends on your budget. Roughly speaking, recommend the budget to begin at about $300 per person, per day.

Our best advice to you is this: simply schedule a free consultation to chat about your surprise trip. There’s absolutely zero commitment and it will give you a great start to creating the trip of your life.

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Rediscover your love for travel!

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