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North America

For the nature lover, all roads lead west in the United States and Canada. Well-worn highways run from the sparkling beaches of Southern California to the white-capped summits of the Canadian Rockies, calling modern-day Lewis & Clark’s to pave their own trail. Find your slice of adventure in the emerald forests of the Pacific Northwest, winding canyons of Utah & Nevada, boundless ranchlands of Montana & Wyoming, or frontier fishing communities of Alaska. In North America, the open road calls and you’d be wise to answer.

North America Sample Itineraries

Adventure Travel Sports & Outdoors

8-Day Zion & Moab Active Escape

The road from Zion to Moab is paved with desert adventures and iconic Utah National Parks. Get your boots... Read More
Adventure Travel History & Culture Rail Sports & Outdoors

14-Day Alaska’s Northern Rails

Ride the fabled Alaska Railroad along coastal inlets and sprawling mountains to see the state’s best natural marvels. Cruise... Read More
Adventure Travel Sking Sports & Outdoors

12-Day Alberta Winter Adventure

Bundle up for this snowy sojourn through the Canadian Rockies. Begin in Banff, where you’ll warm up to your... Read More

North America Specialists

Kyle Ord

I found a deep love for slow travel and regularly find myself staying in a country for weeks or... Read More

North America Ideas & Insights

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Top 5 Seattle Parks For Nature Walks

We know you come to Seattle for the top-notch attractions, quirky neighborhoods, and hot dogs smothered with cream cheese,... Read More
Adventure Travel Sports & Outdoors

Five Evolving Destinations That Inspire Transformation

Nature is always changing, but there are certain places that just invoke the power of transformation. Shifting landscapes, changing... Read More
Adventure Travel Sports & Outdoors

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mt. Rainier National Park Now

Maybe you live in Seattle and see it looming over the horizon on a clear day. Maybe its been... Read More
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